USCG Documented Vessels

Vessels over a certain size (measured in tonnage calculations) but generally applying to vessels over 28 feet, can be Documented with the USCG. Some states, such as California, do not require State Registration for vessels that are Documented. Other states, such as Washington, require State Registration on all vessels, whether Documented or not. Documentation is essentially Federal Registration and includes information on use, i.e. Recreational or various commercial uses.

A Documented vessel is issued a Documentation number (six or seven numbers) and the name of the vessel and official number (Documentation number) constitute the identifiers. The USCG has only recently added HIN information to the Documentation database, and it is an optional listing relative to Documentation. Managing owner information is available on Documented vessels from the USCG.

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  • Search by Vessel Name
  • Search by Documentation Number
  • USCG inspection history (PSIX)
  • Ownership history and mortgage information (Abstract of Title)